Keeping your home warm and water hot!

IMG_4368Your central heating system is one of the most important systems in your house. In addition to giving your house a warm, family environment, in most cases, it will also be at the centre of your hot water needs for the property.

Without a good central heating system, your house could suffer.

New and efficient Combi-boilers

Nowadays, your old conventional system can be changed over to a new “Combi” boiler – combining heating and hot water into the one unit, doing away with a separate boiler and hot water tank.

This, in turn, will cut the size of your gas bills considerably whilst also freeing up wanted cupboard space where your hot water cylinder would have been housed.

Your attic would normally have had a 50-100 gallon storage tank situated in this space feeding your bathroom and hot water cylinder. The new “Combi” boiler will do away with this potential hazard.

Powerful direct-fed shower

Having a new pressurised shower fitted from your “Combi” boiler, you will feel the difference with a new invigorating shower supplied directly from the new boiler.

No more waiting on hot water being heated and stored in your hot water cylinder, the new boiler supplies hot water on-demand, 24 hours a day.

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