Protecting your roof protects your property

DSC04402The roof of your house is one of the most important structures. If your roof is tired or in need of some T.L.C., then look no further than Allied Plumbing and Roofing Services.

We always recommend that at least once per year, you should have your roof surveyed to find out if you have any underlying problems or a problem that can be repaired before you learn about it from the inside.

Your roof structure is so important to the wellbeing of the property. If you have any water penetration, this can often lead to expensive re-decoration works and, in some cases, much more.

The average lifespan of a concrete tile is 35 years, sometimes longer, but with some general annual maintenance, it can prolong the lifespan of your roof further.

Something as simple as a cracked tile or slipped tile or slate can be repaired in a matter of minutes, but can save you from the discomfort of water ingress to your home.

Detailed Video Survey

At Allied Plumbing and Roofing Services, whether it be a small repair or full re-roofing works, we will provide a detailed video survey report for you to take a look at in the comfort of your own sitting room.

So if this is a service you can benefit from, call Allied Plumbing and Roofing Services to book your free video survey.